Story of an Anniversary


Make this anniversary unforgettable with a heartfelt gesture that speaks volumes through the language of flowers. Celebrate your special milestone with a meaningful bouquet that tells your unique love story through stunning blooms.

If your anniversary year flower is in season, we will incorporate it into your arrangement.

The Floriography in the arrangement may represent…

Love, commitment, milestone, togetherness, bond, memories, celebration, joy, journey, union, growth, affection, romance, happiness

Flowers available as a vased bouquet or a whimsical centerpiece arrangement.

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Each arrangement will come with a unique sentiment from your Wild Doves!

The sentiment includes…

  1. A small polaroid of your personal arrangement
  2. A card with the Floriography of your arrangement
  3. A flower care card
  4. Flower food
  5. Your personal note

**Orders will not be identical to display photos. Images represent the overall theme and are a visual to better illustrate style and size. Weather, seasonality, and market conditions can sometimes affect flower availability, and thereby substitutions may occur. In such cases, we will only substitute items of equal or greater value. Style, theme, and color are always preserved.**

Check out our FAQ’s for more information.

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Delightful, Luxe, Grand Gesture, Yass Queen Victoria

Style of Arrangement

Bouquet, Centerpiece


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