Our Story

We–Dominique Amar and Maria Ianiro–met in Columbus while working at a family-owned restaurant. We quickly felt like family with one another there. A few years later we became roommates and solidified our unbreakable sisterly bond. Through the years we have experienced heartaches and hardships, long distance and disagreements, as well as love, marriage, travel, and many magical memories.

Dominique’s passion for being creative and working with flowers started at a very young age. She always felt happiest and at peace while playing with flowers but never knew how to make it a career. While working in New York City as a client service director in the VFX industry, she created beautiful arrangements around the office. She was the office mother to many artists, producers, and clients, making sure the office ran smoothly, all while leading an all-star team of creative people. She soon realized that she wanted to do this work while being her own boss.

Maria has been a creative person for as long as she can remember. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising but never wanted to tie herself down to the corporate world. She has always found ways to express herself creatively. In 2015 she started a successful knitting business that she ran for four years. She then transitioned to an event coordinating position where she was able to express her leadership skills. She has always dreamed of running a business with her life partner or best friend, and her dreams are finally coming true.

For a few years we imagined starting a business together, but the timing never worked out. Like so many people, the pandemic provided us with the opportunity to explore things we didn’t typically have time for, and we were able to make our ideas a reality. With so much disconnect in the world during the pandemic, we wanted to bring back more meaningful connections through florals.

Inspired by floriography, or the language of flowers, we create floral arrangements that can express many different messages. Each unique design goes beyond your typical arrangement, full of blooms that provide thoughtfulness and depth. Every stem has a specific meaning to convey the giver’s message.

A pair of white doves symbolizes devotion and loyalty to one another. Doves are also messengers. They represent our friendship of the past 13 years and the mission of our business. We started as friends, then became sisters. Now we want to be your messengers. At Wild Doves, we help you create memories and tell stories through the beautiful language of flowers.

– Dominique + Maria

Meet Your Doves

Dominique Amar

Title: Creative Partner, Lead Designer

Home Town: Columbus, Ohio

My Roots: First generation Moroccan

Favorite flower: I can’t just choose one… Foxglove, Sweet Pea, & Iceland Poppy

Favorite cocktail: I’m a simple lady, a Whiskey, preferably Four Roses Small Batch

Morning Chill: a cup of joe, my journal and a 10 minute meditation sets me up for success

When I’m not working you can find me: catching up on all the shows

Travel Bucket list: A European Wine Tour; preferably France, Italy and Spain

3 quirky facts: I’m obsessed with Bachelor Nation. I can’t deal when people leave cabinets and doors open. I love the smell of gasoline

Maria Ianiro

Title: Business Partner, Designer

Home Town: Cleveland, Ohio

My Roots: First generation Italian

Favorite flower: Ranunculus and Anemone

Favorite cocktail: Bee’s Knees

Morning Chill: With a cup of black tea and a book

When I’m not working you can find me: at the gym

Travel Bucket list: EVERYWHERE!! – But been dreaming of Cappadocia, Turkey

3 quirky facts: I hate writing with black ink, I was born with a broken arm, I have the worst RBF, (I’ve gotten called out for it my whole life)